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Precipitation and Baseflow in Aksu River Increase since 1950s

The Aksu River is the most important recharge source of the Tarim River in northwest China, representing 73.2% of the total volume to the Tarim River in the dry season. There are three types of recharge: glacier-snow melt water, precipitation, and groundwater. Precipitation and baseflow in the basin play a decisive role.

In order to investigat the dynamics of precipitation in the last past 50 years, FAN Yuting et al., separated baseflow from surface flow by using the digital filtering method, and identified the relationships between precipitation and baseflow by correlation analysis and wavelet analysis.

The results show that in the past 50 years, step changes of both precipitation and baseflow in the drainage basin occurred, and both precipitation and baseflow performed a significant increase trend since the 1960s. The time scales of the annual precipitation time series in the Aksu River Basin are 3, 6, 12, and 27 years, of which the six-year cycle oscillation is the strongest and a main cycle. Aksu River basin annual precipitation is manifested in the smaller time scales, as the time scale increases, the smaller its role is. The baseflow showed an increasing trend in all seasons, and precipitation exhibits a monotonic increasing trend in summer and autumn, and decreasing trend in spring and winter. The responses of baseflow to precipitation were different by season. Precipitation and baseflow have significant common power in the 4-6 year band from 1980 to 1998, and the baseflow has a 0-3 months lag from precipitation.

This study synthesizes time analysis with insights from correlation analysis to assess the variation in precipitation and baseflow characteristics in the Aksu River. This study will add to understanding of the relationship between discharge and precipitation. The study was published in Quaternary International in June 2014.


Link: http://english.cas.cn/ST/RE/re_project/201407/t20140730_125193.shtml

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