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Raw data contribution award

Annual annual summary is about to begin, please everyone in summarize a year at the same time, dont forget to summarize has published the original data, through the ancient Asia environment database to realize the share, on the one hand can increase the rate of thesis references, on the other hand the ancient Asia environment database will give appropriate labor reward. As you can in the database website (http://paleo-data.ieecas.cn/) to upload real-name registration, also can directly to contact Mr. Li (paleodata@163.com), database data format see attached below, thank you again for everyones support.
East Asian ancient environmental science database based on the Chinese academy of sciences institute of earth environment, state key laboratory of loess and quaternary geology, under the support of large projects in multiple countries, based on mainland China ancient environmental research field, radiation east Asia, through integration, integration, introduce the methods such as pool paleoenvironment research field data resources of science and technology at home and abroad, and standardized processing, classified storage, form a can provide rapid sharing service network system. The center in the loess plateau, the qinghai-tibet plateau and the inland arid areas as the key point, take into account other geographical unit of east Asia, based on the existing paleoclimate and paleoenvironment and related real-time observation data collecting, sorting, digitization, integration, simulation and secondary mining, on the basis of the ongoing national research projects related to built in mainland China as the center of the east Asian regional environment of multi-source raw data, paleoenvironment records digital specimen and proxies, ancient climate and environment, the results of numerical simulation, the ancient environmental science data integration and sharing platform.

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Note: the ancient Asia environmental science database website:http://paleo-data.ieecas.cn

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