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Late holocene horqin evolution research progress

Is the product of the dry weather, desert climate change ups and downs to the desert and desertification is having a major impact inverse process, especially the monsoon region of sand expansion and contraction is related to the strength of the monsoon, and. Over the past century the development trend of dry climate, decrease the surface vegetation, desertification land is increasing, seriously restricted the social, economic, ecological and sustainable development.
Horqin edge is located in the east Asian monsoon region in northeast of China, the environment is sensitive to respond to climate change. Cold and arid regions environmental and engineering research institute, Chinese academy of sciences researchers on the basis of comprehensive investigation in horqin, application of 14 c dating and geochemical sand since middle-late holocene, granularity index research evolution and its relationship with climate change. Research shows that: the formation of sedimentary facies, grain size and middle-late holocene horqin geochemical parameters show that the environment and climate change can be divided into the following three stages: 7.0-3.6 CAL ka BP, sand fixation, gradually narrowed, the winter wind is abate, the summer wind, climate to warm wet; 3.6 1.3 CAL ka BP, the sand ground is generally stable, but there are activation, expansion, compared with a phase summer monsoon intensity decreases, but still stronger than the winter monsoon, climate relatively warm wet; 1.3 0.65 CAL ka BP, sand seenlots of activation, expansion and fixed, narrow, winter summer monsoon is frequent, alternately present person - the combination of relatively warm climate. Specifically, there are eight times since middle-late holocene horqin sandy land activation, expansion and eight fixed, shrinking period, there are eight person and 8 times of climate change is relatively warm period, the obvious corresponding relation. Solar radiation and the global ice middle-late holocene horqin evolution and climate change is a pattern of the main driving force.
The study on the regional ecological environment protection, prevention and control of desertification, and the rational use of land resources has important guiding significance.
This research project by the Chinese academy of sciences key deployment project (KZZD - EW - 04-04), the national natural science fund project (41271215) jointly funded; Research published in the desert in China ". 
                           Evolution of middle-late holocene horqin sandy land alternative index curve
                              Climate proxies of middle-late holocene horqin sandy land change curve
                              Evolution of middle-late holocene horqin sandy land and climate change

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