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Magnetic susceptibility, grain size and CaCO3 content during last 75kyr in Western Chinese Loess Plateau
CTR :879
Key words Magnetic susceptibility, grain size, CaCO3 content, Western Chinese Loess Plateau
Relevant data Chen, F. H., J. Bloemendal, J. M. Wang, J. J. Li, and F. Oldfield, 1997: High-resolution multi-proxy climate records from Chinese loess: evidence for rapid climatic changes over the last 75 kyr. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 130, 323-335.
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Time series of magnetic susceptibility, grain size and CaCO3 content document the high resolution history of summer and winter monsoon climate variations over the last 75Kyr. In this study, three areas, Lanzhou basin, Linxia basin and Xining basin, have been chosen to study rapid climatic changes. The middle of the Malan loess contains strongly developed pedogenic layers. Therefore, firstly, the authors divided the Malan loess into three parts: late Malan loess, middle pedogenic layer and early Malan loes. Field measurements were made of magnetic susceptibility at 5CM intervals using a Bartington Instruments susceptibility meter and ferrite probe sensor. The CaCO3 content was measured using the calcimeter method of Bascomb, percent CaCO3 content was measured at 10CM intervals in the Malan Loess. The grain size distribution was measured at 10CM intervals using a Sedigraph 2 particale-size analyzer.
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Data classification Geological record - Terrestrial environmental records
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