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Detailed metadata
Grain size record of Sanyao section during the past 70~130ka
CTR :254
Key words Sanyao section; Shaanxi; grain size; 70~130ka
Relevant data An Zhisheng, Stephen C. Porter, Millennial-scale climatic oscillations during the last interglaciation in central China, Geology, July 1997,v.25,no.7,p.603~606
Data shows that
samples were taken from 9.65~13.89m with a sample spacing of 2cm. Sample preparation:1) about 1.5g of soil sample was treated with 10ml 10 %H2O2 ;2) boiled with 10ml 10% HCL;3) the samples were rinsed with distilled water;4) the samples were evenly messed with 10ml 30%Na2P2O7 . Grain size was measured with ANALYSETTE-22 with a precision of 0.15Φ and the error is ±2%. Measuring range: 0.1~1250um.
Data collection format xls
Data classification Geological record - Terrestrial environmental records
Data source
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