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C, O isotope and 137Cs dating data of Ostracod shells on Delingha Gahai over the lately 150 years
CTR :471
Key words Delingha Gahai; oxygen isotope; carbon isotope; 137Cs; Ostracod shells; 150 years
Relevant data Li X Z, Liu W G, Xu L M. 2012. Stable oxygen isotope of ostracods in recent sediments of Lake Gahai in the Qaidam Basin, northwest China: The implications for paleoclimatic reconstruction. Global and Planetary Change 94-95, 13-19.
Data shows that
sample point: 37° 7'59.25"N, 97°32'57.67"E, 2887m elevation. The database includes 21 carbon isotope, 21 oxygen isotope, 12 Cs dating data.
Data collection format xls
Data classification Geological record - Lakes and oceans
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