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Sanmenxia loess - paleosol stratigraphic profile and magnetic stratigraphic correlation data
CTR :761
Key words Sanmenxia loess; Magnetic formation; The monsoon records; Time scale; Compared with the land and sea
Relevant data Pick to: located in the southeast margin of the loess plateau of loess stratum, sanmenxia ShanXian mutuality township village cao zhang profile as its typical On behalf of. Thickness of 153 m, cao village profile by upper FuGong clay under 145 m thick loess strata and sedimentary composition, yellow Soil layer for L1 - L33 continuous dust deposition. Magnetic stratigraphic research shows that: B/M boundary is just about here, J Located in S11 - speed 12, O events in L23 - L26, M/G line is located in the loess and red clay lines above 20 cm Place. Magnetic susceptibility, carbonate and ancient monsoon parameters recorded in the > 30 lm all shows about the granularity of the component 2. 6 ma The phased characteristics of monsoon change. Duration of loess profile in cao village has referred to in the loess deposition in more than 40000 years 13 times of cold weather events, reflects the ancient climate change is cyclical. Application of particle size age model Profile of high resolution chronostratigraphic sequence, cao village by cao village profile for nearly 30 years for magnetic susceptibility and grain size changes In contrast to deep sea oxygen isotope, cao village, with deep loess profile in deposition have good comparability. Reference: Zhao Zhizhong Wu Xihao, Jiang Fu elementary. Sanmenxia area of the loess with ancient monsoon on page 19 to 26. Journal of geomechanics 2 0 0 0 year February 1. Solemnly declare: this digital data by the original documents attached figure income, please users in the process of using the original documents shall prevail.
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Sanmenxia loess paleosol stratigraphic section and magnetic formation
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The ancient Asia environmental science database
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