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Key words 末次盛冰期、石笋、氧同位素、全球
Relevant data SUMMARY/ABSTRACT: Oxygen isotope measurements from cave deposits provide some of the highest-resolution and best-dated information about past fluctuations in temperature and precipitation. Over the past decade, a relatively dense network of sites has been measured spanning the time period from the Last Glacial Maximum to present. These sites yield data that address key scientific questions surrounding climate sensitivity to greenhouse gas concentrations, non-linear responses and thresholds in the climate system, and the skill of state-of-the-art climate models in reproducing states different from the present one. This compilation of speleothem oxygen isotope records includes quality-controlled values from cores spanning part or all of the last deglaciation and Holocene, provided on a common age scale (calendar years before present, where present = 1950 A.D.) and with common measurement units (per mil PDB). There are a total of 13 data files. All data files are in comma-separated values format and first give metadata information for each of the cores (i.e., site name, core name, latitude, longitude, principal investigator, journal citation). Also provided in these metadata are the FTP locations (URLs) for machine-readable text files for each core, which give more complete information about site-specific metadata, dating methods and all raw data. Below the core metadata, the main data file, ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/paleo/syntrace/speleothem/speleothem-d18o-0-22k.csv , contains data for all cores are presented in three columns. The first column is a Core Index, which identifies the core according to the metadata table; the second column is age in calendar years BP; and the third column is d18O of calcium carbonate in per mil PDB. The other 12 data files contain the average, count, and standard deviation of samples aggregated over 1-year, 10-year, 100-year, and 1000-year intervals from the data of the main data file. These data are located below the core metadata. The first column is the midpoint age of the respective interval in units of calendar years BP, and the remainder of the columns represent the average, count, or standard deviation of aggregated delta18O calcium carbonate (per mil PDB) values for each core. For all 13 data files, missing values are identified by “NaN.” CITATION INFORMATION (ORIGINAL REFERENCE): A. M. Shah,C. Morrill, E. P. Gille, W. S. Gross, D. M. Anderson, B. A. Bauer,R. Buckner, and M. Hartman, "Global speleothem oxygen isotope measurements since the Last Glacial Maximum", Dataset Papers in Geosciences, Vol. 2013, Article ID 548048, 9 pages, 2012. http://dx.doi.org/10.7167/2013/548048 DOWNLOAD DATA: Speleothem speleothem-d18o-0-22k.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1000yr-avg.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1000yr-count.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1000yr-stdev.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-100yr-avg.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-100yr-count.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-100yr-stdev.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-10yr-avg.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-10yr-count.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-10yr-stdev.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1yr-avg.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1yr-count.csv Speleothem speleothem-d18o-1yr-stdev.csv
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