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Summer high temperature heat is associated with the snow and ice melt
In recent years, with the arctic sea ice is melting and the higher latitudes of the northern hemisphere snow cover reduced, North America and Eurasia mid-latitude extreme heat and drought, weather events more frequent. A recent international cooperation research shows that high temperature heat in summer and the circle of ice and snow melt and the corresponding atmospheric circulation associated with changes of the situation.
Geographical science and resources institute, Chinese academy of sciences Shang Qiuhong Jennifer a. research team and the United States, the rutgers university professor Francis, using satellite remote sensing of sea ice and snow cover change and reanalysis data to explore the mid-latitude summer atmospheric circulation situation changes and the connection between the circle of snow and ice melt. The study found that the response of the atmospheric circulation of the arctic sea ice is melting stronger than the response of snow cover to reduce. Cryosphere melts jet stream change, namely the weakened westerly jet and the north. The rapid changes in the northern hemisphere mid-latitude weather systems tend to remain in summer, and thus are more likely to form the extreme high temperature weather events, etc.
Shang Qiuhong researchers said, although some research suggests that the arctic sea ice is melting intensified associated with extreme cold in winter in recent years, but in the cryosphere melt and the link between the extreme weather in summer is not very clear. A growing body of research shows that the arctic ice melting in addition to affect the climate environment at high altitudes, may also have a significant influence on mid-latitude extreme weather. This study provides new evidence for this view.
The contribution of research the author Shang Qiuhong team doctor Zhang Xuejun said this is an interesting study, especially to the local extreme weather is associated with the arctic ice and snow melting of thousands of miles away, feel very interesting. Somewhere because the earth is a complex coupling system, environment could affect the remote or global climate change, thus promote the environment protection may help to slow climate change and reduce the occurrence of extreme weather events.
This study co-author Jennifer a. professor Francis explain, in the high altitude jet stream is the temperature difference between the driving force. Sea ice melting arctic warming faster than mid-latitudes, which leads to temperature difference between the high latitude reduced, resulting in weakened westerly jet. High altitude jet stream mean less planetary wave propagation slows, east mid-latitude weather conditions are more likely to maintain a long time constant, thus forming extreme weather.
The study showed that as the arctic and may the global climate warming and arctic ice continues to melt, North America and Eurasia mid-latitude summer is likely to encounter more and more extreme weather, and the billions of people living in the area, is the worlds major population centers.
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