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A Rapid Lake Shallowing Event Terminated Preservation of the Miocene Clarkia Fossil Konservat-Lagerstätte 2017-11-9
IEECAS Utilizes Speciation of 129I and 127I to Trace Water Circulation and Marine Environment in the Antarctic 2017-11-9
The 9.2 ka Event in Asian Summer Monsoon Area: the Strongest Millennial Scale Collapse of the Monsoon During the Holocene ? 2017-11-9
Quantitative Precipitation Estimates for the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau over the Last 18,000 Years 2017-11-9
IEECAS Held the International Workshop on Asian Monsoon Variability and Dynamics 2017-11-7
Teeth Reveal Modern Humans in Asia 80,000 Years Ago 2015-11-6
Chinas rise as a major contributor to science and technology (Source: PNAS) 2014-9-24
Above-5500 m elevated AWS set up on North Qomolangma 2014-9-24
All the earth system science data sharing platform 2014-1-21
Earth system science data sharing platform produces fruitful achievements 2014-1-20
Chinese Haze 2013-12-26
Summer hotwaves resulted from Arctic melting ice and snow 2013-12-11
2013 Loess and origin of Asian dust conference was hold successfully 2013-12-7
"Sharing cup" awards publicity 2013-12-6
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Home Data directory Data search Data released Membership center Special services About us
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