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Data classification
BC, char, soot, and PACs fluxes in Phayao Lake sed
Rainfall variations in central Indo-Pacific datase
Source-to-sink fluctuations of Asian eolian deposi
Tree-ring chronologies in the Dabie Mountains, Chi
Clay mineralogical and geochemical analyses of the
Bittoo Cave, India composite oxygen and carbon iso
High-resolution peat records for monsoon history i
Oxygen isotope compositions of quartz grains (4-16
Red Clay to loess-palaeosol sequence in central No
Variation of Zr/Rb ratios in the Chinese loess dep
Geochemical evidence for the provenance of loess d
Assemblage characteristics of clay minerals and it
Geochemical and magnetic characteristics of fine-g
A red clay sequence on the Eastern Chinese Loess P
Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of the eolian depos
A peat sequence from the Altai Mountains dataset (
Grain size record in the western Qaidam Basin, NE
Magnetic susceptibility, grain size and CaCO3 cont
Normalized magnetic susceptibility and grain size
Magnetic susceptibility during last 80kyr (140kyr)
Magnetic susceptibility and grain size data during
Magnetic susceptibility and grain size data during
Chinese loess Plateau 60Kyr Grain Size Data
Loess Plateau Glacial Grain Size and Magnetic Susc
Ili Basin and China Loess Plateau 80ky Magnetic Da
Grain size record from Bajiazui profile over the p
Pedostratigraphy records from Lingtai section in C
Loess data from Xifeng and Changwu section
Loess magnetic susceptibility and grain size recor
Stalagmite δ18O record of paleoclimate change duri
Magnetic susceptibility record of Chinese Loess Pl
Stalagmite record of Asian monsoon From Dongge Cav
Grain size record of Sanyao section during the pas
Stalagmite record of Asian Summer monsoon from Suo
Frequency magnetic susceptibility from Beitai sect
Grain size from Beitai section in China over the p
Mass accumulation rates of eolian deposits on the
Stalagmite record from speleothems of the Peqiin C
Summer and winter monsoon record from South Sea an
Stalagmite oxygen isotope record from Huangye Cave
Stalagmite δ18O record from Dayu Cave in central C
Grain size record of Xifeng section over the past
Stalagmite record from Wanxiang Cave in China over
Low frequency susceptibility of Luochuan section o
Low frequency Magnetic susceptibility of Lingtai s
Low frequency magnetic susceptibility from Bajiazu
Grain size record from Xunyi profile over the past
Stalagmite records of East Asian monsoon from Chin
Stalagmite record of the Holocene Asian monsoon fr
Isotope records from Bajiazui section in China dur
Stalagmite oxygen isotope record of Tianmen Cave i
Low frequency magnetic susceptibility from Zhaojia
Kesang stalagmite record in semiarid-arid region o
Magnetic susceptibility of Sanyao section during t
Frequency magnetic susceptibility from Huanxian se
Grain size, magnetic susceptibility and isotope of
Frequency magnetic susceptibility from Luochuan se
Grain size record from Zhaosu section over the pas
Low frequency magnetic susceptibility from Chaona
Stalagmite record of Indian monsoon from Mawmluh c
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