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BC, char, soot, and PACs fluxes in Phayao Lake sed
Rainfall variations in central Indo-Pacific datase
Source-to-sink fluctuations of Asian eolian deposi
Tree-ring chronologies in the Dabie Mountains, Chi
Paru Co, Tibetan Plateau, China multi-proxy sedime
Lake Karakuli, China leaf wax hydrogen isotope dat
Lake Karakuli, China leaf wax carbon isotope datas
Lake Telmen, Mongolia sediment dataset (for the pa
Paleoclimatic changes reflected by the lacustrine
Clay mineralogical and geochemical analyses of the
Central Asia (Tonnel’naya Cave, Uzbekistan) speleo
Central Asia (Kesang cave, western China) speleoth
Bittoo Cave, India composite oxygen and carbon iso
Jeita Cave, Lebanon speleothem stable isotope data
The detrended δ18O from composite China speleothem
Xiaobailong cave, Yunnan Province, southwestern Ch
New samples from China speleothem (Hulu, Dongge an
Composite China speleothem (Hulu, Dongge and Sanba
Stable isotope and elemental record of Xing Yun La
Ostracod shell oxygen isotope and trace element re
Environmental magnetic record of lacustrine sedime
Elemental, isotopic, and molecular organic matter
Lake Qinghai Surface Sediment Isotope and Geochemi
Visible reflectance of Qinghai Lake sediments data
Influence of the intertropical convergence zone on
High-resolution peat records for monsoon history i
Geochemistry of lake (Ahung Co) sediments in centr
Oxygen isotope compositions of quartz grains (4-16
Red Clay to loess-palaeosol sequence in central No
Variation of Zr/Rb ratios in the Chinese loess dep
Geochemical evidence for the provenance of loess d
Assemblage characteristics of clay minerals and it
Geochemical and magnetic characteristics of fine-g
A red clay sequence on the Eastern Chinese Loess P
Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of the eolian depos
The North Pacific eolian record at site 885/886 da
High-resolution pollen sequence from Lop Nur datas
A peat sequence from the Altai Mountains dataset (
Geochemistry of sediments from Barkol Lake in the
The record of moisture variations derived from lac
A sediment record from Lake Nam Co dataset (Holoce
A sediment record of Lake Ebinur, northwest China
Environmental proxies among multiple cores from La
Grain size record in the western Qaidam Basin, NE
Climatic and environmental changes recorded in Baa
Climate control on the palaeo-lake evolution in th
Hydrological changes in SE Iran dataset (Holocene)
The Holocene history of Lop Nur and its palaeoclim
Stable isotopes of sedimentary carbonate in Lake S
Re-assessment of the paleoclimate implications of
Sedimentological and carbonate record from a south
Environmental changes during the Holocene from the
Magnetic susceptibility, grain size and CaCO3 cont
SPEI reconstruction in the Taihe Mountain
Normalized magnetic susceptibility and grain size
Magnetic susceptibility during last 80kyr (140kyr)
Magnetic susceptibility and grain size data during
Magnetic susceptibility and grain size data during
Chinese loess Plateau 60Kyr Grain Size Data
Loess Plateau Glacial Grain Size and Magnetic Susc
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