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Key words:
Environmental magnetic record of lacustrine sediments from Gonghai Lake, North China dataset (842 AD-2000 AD)
Elemental, isotopic, and molecular organic matter proxies record in sediment from glacial Lake Ximencuo dataset (the last 1000 yr)
Lake Qinghai, China leaf wax hydrogen isotope dataset (during the past 32 kyr)
Carbon isotope on sedimentary leaf wax from Lake Qinghai, China dataset (during the past 32000 years)
Lake Qinghai Surface Sediment Isotope and Geochemical Data (1384 - 1999 AD)
Visible reflectance of Qinghai Lake sediments dataset (17KYrBP - present)
Influence of the intertropical convergence zone on the East Asian monsoon dataset (over the past 16000 years)
High-resolution peat records for monsoon history in the eastern Tibetan Plateau dataset (11.5 KYr BP - present)
Geochemistry of lake (Ahung Co) sediments in central Tibet dataset ( 9 - 4 KYrBP )
Oxygen isotope compositions of quartz grains (4-16 μm) from Lingtai and six late Pleistocene loess sediments dataset (since ~7.0 Ma BP)
Red Clay to loess-palaeosol sequence in central North China dataset (during 3.0-2.6 Ma)
Variation of Zr/Rb ratios in the Chinese loess deposits dataset (during the past 1.8 Myr)
Geochemical evidence for the provenance of loess deposits in southern China dataset (middle Pleistocene)
Assemblage characteristics of clay minerals and its implications to evolution of eolian dust input to the Parece Vela Basin dataset (since 1.95 Ma)
Geochemical and magnetic characteristics of fine-grained surface sediments in the arid China (along the southern border of Mongolia) dataset
A red clay sequence on the Eastern Chinese Loess Plateau dataset (since 11 Ma)
Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of the eolian deposits in the Xining Basin dataset (Neogene)
The North Pacific eolian record at site 885/886 dataset (since ~11.8 Ma)
High-resolution pollen sequence from Lop Nur dataset (31.98-9.14 ka BP)
A peat sequence from the Altai Mountains dataset (since 10ka BP)
Geochemistry of sediments from Barkol Lake in the westerly influenced northeast Xinjiang dataset (since 9400 cal a BP)
The record of moisture variations derived from lacustrine sediment (Sasikul Lake) dataset(during the past 2540 years)
A sediment record from Lake Nam Co dataset (Holocene)
A sediment record of Lake Ebinur, northwest China dataset (during the last 1500 years)
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