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Characteristics of the Data Collection

East Asian Paleo-environmental Science Data Integration and Sharing System is the only one in China with the paleo-environment data integration and sharing as its mission/ The data collection covers different time scales (from decadal, centennial, to tens of thousands and millions of years), unique study regions in East Asia, such as the Loess Plateau, Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, the western arid region, and the eastern monsoon region. It also encompasses different disciplines of earth and environmental sciences (e.g., soil science, mineralogy, geochemistry and biology, climatology, hydrology, geography). The paleo-environmental information center’s holding include comprehensive datasets related to all five spheres of the earth system, which can be used in both decision-making support and expert analysis. It will be an important window for data and information exchange and international collaboration at the State Key Laboratory of Loess and Quaternary Geology. The data collection currently has the following unique resources:

    (1) ice cores and lake deposits from the structural (nx100 Ka to millions of years) and orbital (nx10 Ka) timescales down to millennial and centennial scales, and stalagmite and tree ring data of shorter timescales but higher temporal resolutions;

    2) high quality rock core data from different geographic units of East Asia, including arid, monsoon, and monsoon-transitional regions (e.g., the Lop Nur, Loess Plateau, Qinghai Lake, , Jianghan Plain, and Heqing Basin of Yunnan);

    3) physical, chemical and biological records that can be used as proxies of different environmental conditions, such as grain size, grayscale, stable isotope ratios, and pollens;

    4) multidisciplinary paleo-environmental data related to mineralogy, geochemistry, biology, hydrology, climatology, environmental science and other disciplines, such as clay minerals, magnetic minerals, elemental composition, salt index, the isotopic composition of organic molecular monomers, shake mosquitoes, pollen, plant residues, charcoal, diatoms, and reconstructed surface runoff data;

    5) geological environmental records and numerical simulation data for different spheres of the earth on the basis of systems science, such as dust flux, aluminum flux, coral fluorescence spectra, isotopes in oceans, sea surface temperatures, reconstructed paleo-temperature, paleo-precipitation, and paleo-wind-fields, and paleo-climate simulation output data.

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