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A Rapid Lake Shallowing E
Fossil Taxodium leaves with ultrastructures preserved in the Miocene Clarkia deposit(Image by Yang, et al.) The world-renowned Miocene (~15 Million Year Old) Clarkia deposit in ...[MORE]
IEECAS Utilizes Speciation of 129I and 127I to 2017-11-9
The 9.2 ka Event in Asian Summer Monsoon Area: 2017-11-9
Quantitative Precipitation Estimates for the N 2017-11-9
IEECAS Held the International Workshop on Asia 2017-11-7
Teeth Reveal Modern Humans in Asia 80,000 Year 2015-11-6
East Asian Paleoenvironmental Science Database (EAPESD)  
The East Asian Paleoenvironmental Science Database (EAPESD) is the only one in China at present which is characterized by integration and sharing of paleo-environmental science data, covering different time scales, various unique study regions and different disciplines. It is a comprehensive data center that can provide decision-making support and expert analyses related to the five spheres of the earth system.
Terrestrial environmental records
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Palaeoclimate reconstruction
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Tree-ring chronologies in t
Precipitation in the arid a
Paru Co, Tibetan Plateau, C
Lake Karakuli, China leaf w
Lake Karakuli, China leaf w
Lake Telmen, Mongolia sedim
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Numerical simulation
Data for numerical experiments for one without (
China-Nepal Complete Joint Field Mission in Kosh
Precipitation and Baseflow in Aksu River Increas
Study Reveals Dynamics of Runoff, River Sediment
Fast Urbanization Does not Boost Economy, Study
Research Reveals Need on Sand Damage Control alo
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Chronostratigraphic Chart(2013 edition)
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